Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Moving through March

You can't buy Thomas jammies for boys only!
(In truth, Keira is still dealing with the fact that she can't do "stand potty.")

We have so many wonderful people in our life who love on our family! Miss Barb brings books to Sunday morning choir practice and spoils our kids as if they were her own.

A large part of our month was given to the Sunrise Christian Academy high school musical. The many hours of practice and late night rehearsals were all worth it, as Rob had a blast playing his cornet in the orchestra for all seven performances at the Crown Uptown theater in downtown Wichita! 

We have had so much rain this past week. One night, I was sitting in the living room watching the rain with my two littlest boys, when all of sudden, Keira appeared in the window with an umbrella.

"I will sing to the LORD, because He has dealt bountifully with me."
(Psalm 13:6)


  1. See you guys soon. Grandpa Bjokne

  2. Love watching them play together! And the messes! I can sooo relate. It was like seeing my girls interact ÷1! You are such a good mommy. BLESSINGS!-Leah Bergstedt