Saturday, November 29, 2014


This was the scene at our house on Thanksgiving Day, as we hosted dinner for 18! We enjoyed good food and sweet Christian fellowship with -

Chet, Jenni, MacKenzie, Madison, and Lilly Goetz
Brian, Abby, and Prentiss Jay
Beth and Duke Klonch

No sooner had we cleaned up from Thanksgiving, than the Christmas decorating began. Yup, within 24 hours our house was transformed! We have FOUR trees this year, including one in my big boys' bedroom. 

These three little amigo's might not understand Christmas yet, but the rest of us sure do enjoy this season! There is nothing quite like a month long birthday party!!!

These pics just went downhill from here.... First, Drake got her bow. Pulled it right off her head.

Only moments later, he began attacking her pacifier. She did NOT like that either.

And lastly, these two pictures just made me smile today. Several people have now commented to me how much they think that Taerik looks like Griffen. While I definitely see similarities, this morning I actually got out some of Griffen's baby pictures. This was one of Griffen's first birthday pics. Below is Taerik at 7 months.

Isn't God good? I have always affirmed that it wouldn't matter if my kids had pink hair and purple skin, I would love them just the same. However, it is kind of cute how God has brought this family of seven together and most would never know that, aside from the triplets, we do not share genetics.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Well, I have approximately 21 minutes before three babies wake up from their afternoon naps and begin crying for dinner. At that point, I will go upstairs and fix three bottles, plus three dishes of bananas and oatmeal. I will then dress my babes in their full body bibs and begin the evening routine all over again. The picture includes myself in the middle, with three high chairs surrounding me as I attempt to place spoonfuls of food into each mouth. The scene typically takes about an hour and involves food everywhere. While Taerik blows bubbles at me, Drake will likely sneeze. And Keira, who has figured out how to grab her spoon, will attempt to feed herself. I'm not sure where she got the idea that waving a spoonful of food in the air is how we eat, but I can assure you that is what she will do. After we have finally managed to empty each bowl and bottle, I will then begin the process of cleaning up. In the end, three babies will be fed, hosed off, and changed and will sit happily in their high chairs while the rest of the family enjoys dinner and family devotions. Yes, my days are busy, but oh, so rewarding.

Griffen and Rhys are proving to be GREAT big brothers! They absolutely adore their babies and can often be found entertaining them. The other day during school the babies started fussing, so I asked them to quick go and put them in their bedroom with some toys. This was the scene I walked into. 

Rob has been an assistant coach with the Derby Invasion basketball teams for three years now. This past weekend our family traveled to Springdale, Arkansas for a tournament. We enjoyed a beautiful hotel and LOTS of basketball. Most interesting event, however, was when Taerik's car seat completely flipped out of the stroller and rolled twice. While I had a brief moment of panic, he seemed somewhat unaffected. It must be all the wheelie's Griffen does with the stroller already that kept him calm.  

Another "big" deal in our lives right now --- my sister, Heather, entered one of my songs into a music contest recently. Out of several hundred submissions, "Give Me Eyes That See" was chosen as one of the top 10.  The public has until December 14 to vote on their favorite.(You can listen to my submission here.)  The winner gets a $7000 recording package with Greg Howlett (an accomplished Christian pianist). All that to say...

1. I'd REALLY appreciate your daily votes!!! You can vote once per day at

2. My sister and I have been on a "Get Out The Vote" campaign. She has been making crazy daily video's and I have attempted other such antics. Check out her videos here.

"Keira voted. Have you?"

So, that's what we've been up to. Here are a few more pics for the road. And, by the way, it's totally 10:00 PM now. I only finished paragraph one before the babies were ready to eat. But now they're sound asleep and I somehow managed to grab a few more minutes before heading to bed myself. :) 

Rock, Paper, Scissors shirts (thanks Amanda!)

New family picture for church directory board.

Still debating if this dress has enough bling....