Monday, July 31, 2017

July Livin'

Fourth of July -
Festivities included our annual breakfast at the Hartzell's House, the Derby parade, and fireworks in the evening.

We took a short trip to Minnesota to celebrate Rob's grandparents 
70th Wedding Anniversary.
We are SO thankful for the godly heritage they have established for our family and their
 genuine testimonies of Christian love and faithfulness!

(When did we become a family that needed two hotel rooms???)

Our family presented the honored guests with.....fidget spinners.
(Just trying to keep them in touch and relevant with the current culture.)

Gorgeous weather recently in Kansas has provided many opportunities for outside fun.

We have now graduated to the master bathroom for our nightly cleaning ritual.
Getting. So. Big.
(Taerik = 37 lbs., Drake = 34 lbs., Keira = 39 lbs.)

💕 Mother & Daughter twinning for church one Sunday. 💕

Video Recap of July! 😊

"Discipline your son and he will give you rest;
he will give delight to your heart."
(Proverbs 29:17)